What to expect to see on a Get Well Soon Banner

As we have entered the holiday season, we have also entered flu season.

From that person at work sneezing non stop to the kid in your child’s class who is coughing incessantly, it is bound to make an appearance in your home.

If a stronger bug or illness has struck your friends or family then don’t hesitate to make them feel better with a get well soon banner. A happy reminder that you care and are thinking about them, a banner will help them get through it!

Anyone can send a card or some random flowers, but you took the extra step to bring a banner!

Paper Blast’s unique get well soon banner designs will let your close ones that you care about them.



Chocolate is an expected treat for someone who is under the weather or seriously sick. It says I care about you, while also providing a yummy treat.

A banner of chocolates should be given only with some actual chocolates accompanying it.

This banner is perfect for any sort of chocolate or sweets lover!


Teddy Bear

When your child, or a family or friend’s child, is sick it’s always a good idea to give them a teddy bear.

Nothing makes you feel better than a teddy bear! It can stay in bed with you and help make you feel better.

A teddy bear banner is just another way to help the healing process begin. This banner works for any age.



While there are plenty of different kinds of flowers with loaded meanings, the gesture of giving someone flowers will always be remembered.

Whether they are lilies, lilacs or roses, the receiver of such a gift will be happy to know that you are thinking about them.

Flowers on a banner can help dress up a room that has turned into a sick room, or a hospital bedroom. Never question the cheerfulness of a simple flower!



Balloons are normally thought of as the perfect accessory to a happy occasion. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary party or even a random sleepover, balloons are always welcomed.

Take advantage of the happy connection, and bring your loved one a balloon covered banner.

Go an extra step and include some actual balloons with the thoughtful gift.

Pick your loved ones favorite color and make sure to have it represented in the balloons.



If your sick loved one is a child, then make their day a little happier with a doll or robot banner.

It doesn’t matter if those two toys aren’t his/her favorite toy. The child and his or her parents will appreciate the gesture.

Encourage them to get into the doll or robot by bringing an actual doll or robot with you.

At the end of the day a doll or robot get well soon banner will be a fun thing to look at.


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