3 Birthday Surprise Ideas That Everyone Would Love

Happy Birthday

Aah, birthdays!

You either love them, or you hate them.

If you are one of the former, you enjoy your birthdays no matter where you are or who you are with. If you one of the latter, on the other hand, you are probably not that excited about your own birthday party.

But, when it comes to your loved ones, we bet that you love their birthdays, simply because you enjoy making them happy.

Apart from that, no matter which group you belong to, there is simply no person in this world that does not love a surprise.

All that rush coming from a sight you did not expect, all those people that put their thoughts into organizing something just for you…

Isn’t that wonderful?

I mean, what is there not to love about it?

There is one problem, though.

The fact that people love surprises makes surprises a pretty common thing. Which, consequently, makes it harder to plan an original surprise that will truly make your loved ones happy.

Thankfully, we are here to help you with a couple of suggestions.

Pick one, tweak it a little to your liking, and be sure that you will be organizing the best birthday party your loved one had in a while.

The Good Old Balloons

We know, we know – balloons are not a new thing, right?

No, they are not, but there is a reason that some things are considered classics.

When you think about balloons, it might seem to you that they are overused, but just play with the thought for a moment. Have you ever seen someone NOT smiling when getting a balloon?

That’s right: from five-year-olds to ninety five-year-olds, all people LOVE balloons.

Precisely that is the reason that our first idea for a surprise party is the good, old balloon themed room.

Find a time when the person you are organizing the surprise for is not at home, fill their room with plenty of balloons, decorate it with a balloon banner, a few lights, maybe even some muffins or a cake, and you are ready to go!

Your friend or loved one will love you as they enter their own balloon heaven, we promise you!

Give Them A Jolly Ride

If the person that you want to surprise has a car, then, instead of decorating their room, office or any other building they might visit, why don’t you try to decorate their vehicle?

This one might be a little harder to do, since it may not be that easy to get the keys to do this endeavor, but if you succeed, it will be something the birthday boy or girl will never expect.

If they do not have a car, or if you do not manage to “steal” the keys and turn it into their party place, then you can always go on an adventure!

How about you take them on a ride up the mountains, or a place where you can camp, and organize their party there?

Check out our camping themed banners and decorations that will help you set the scene for the perfect bonfire celebration!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Last, but not least, you can take your friends on a walk down memory lane.

In today’s modern world, we live fast lives which give us no time to turn back and look at all the memories we made. Sure, we update our daily logs on various social media platforms, but the excitement only lasts for a moment.

Just think about it, when was the last time you enjoyed looking through the pictures of your last vacation?

That is why it is important that sometimes people get reminded of all the beauty they have been surrounding with so far in their lives.

Search your photo albums, your friend’s Instagram feed, or your own private gallery of funny pictures that you promised you would never post online. Pick a dozen and put them in customized frames, which you can later play with by sticking them to the walls of their home, or creating a DIY album for them et cetera.

This will surely be a gift that they will cherish! It is worth much more than any Facebook memory that pops up annually on their feed.