These 5 Wedding Save-The-Date Mistakes Can Ruin Your Wedding

The proposal is over and the ring now sits happily on your finger. Now that you’ve entrusted your heart to the man of your dreams, it’s time to think ahead. It’s never too early to start mulling over your wedding date, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding or a 3-day affair. For these special cases, save-the-dates are absolutely necessary to give your guests a much-needed heads up, but not so fast. A faux pas in your sending etiquette may lead to a ruined guest list. Here are 5 tips to consider when sending save-the-dates.

  1. Don’t Send Them Too Late

It’s wise to send your save-the-dates at least six to eight months before your wedding ceremony. If you’re planning a ceremony on a faraway destination, it’s best to send them even earlier. This allows your guests time to book their travel, reserve a budget, or file for work leaves. Letting your guests know the who, what, and where is absolutely crucial at this phase.

  1. Don’t Send Them To Guests You’re Not Sure About

It would be offensive to withdraw your invitation to a potential guest that you suddenly declare a persona non grata. Send your save-the-dates only to guests you are absolutely sure are invited.

  1. Don’t Send Them Too Early

Sending your save-the-dates too late can be disastrous, but sending them too early can be counterproductive as well. The goal of a save-the-date is to make your guests remember the date and location of your wedding, so sending them too early can make them toss your notice aside. Also, don’t make the mistake of sending your notices before everything is set in stone. If you aren’t, you’ll find it hard to turn back after giving your notice.

  1. Don’t Make a Poor First Impression

Your save-the-date is your guests’ first impression of your wedding theme, so make sure your invitations look aesthetic and in-line with your wedding motif.

For a tropical or beach-themed wedding, this save-the-date invitation is a perfect choice.

Go for this movie ticket-themed save-the-date if your love story is akin to that of a romance movie!

For upscale weddings, opt for this luxurious floral blue and gold save-the-date invitation

Add a touch of artistry to your wedding with this birds and flowers save-the-date invitation.

  1. Don’t Forget to Include Who’s Invited

For good measure, make sure to include who are invited to your wedding this far in advance to avoid confusion. Your guests are going to wonder if everyone in their family is invited or just a few select guests, so make sure you list down the names in the envelope as well.