The Wow-Your-Guests Ultimate Thanksgiving Checklist

Autumn is a season of joy!

It’s a time of trick or treating and thanksgiving, and family dinners, and wide smiles and full hearts.

But it is also a time of stress, of looking for new decorations, and new food recipes, and trying to figure out how to throw a party that is different than what has been done before.

The truth is, you do not have to be crazily innovative and find a way to organize a gathering that’s not like any other. Traditions are traditions for a reason: they work just fine.

So, instead of looking for a way to change them, look for ways to “own” them.

We decided to create a checklist of everything you need to do to rock the big day. It is quite simple, but often simplicity yields the best results.

Let’s begin,

The Food, The Food, The Food

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Thanksgiving?

We’re betting it’s “turkey!”. At least that’s the case with us (and the vast majority of people).

This tells you something – when it comes to Thanksgiving, food is essential.

So, the first thing to go over if you have decided to plan a successful bash that everyone will talk about, is your menu. And the single most important thing on your Thanksgiving menu is, of course, her majesty, the turkey.

There are a couple of types of turkey you can go for: a free range, self-basted, organic, natural, kosher, heritage… but whatever type you choose, it’s okay, as long as you have one. You would be surprised if we tell you how many people forget to order a turkey, and then spend the day before Thanksgiving frantically running around stores, trying to find one to buy.

Do yourself a favor, and order the turkey at least one week before the dinner.

Also, plan a menu that will appeal to each of your guests’ tastes. As a rule of thumb, go for a couple of appetizers and sides, 1-2 main dishes, and at least 2 desserts. Also, decide what you’ll cook by planning your space. Instead of spending the whole day in the kitchen waiting for one thing to be cooked so you can cook the next one, choose different dishes that can be cooked in different ways: baked in over, fried, boiled – so you can save time and prepare them all at once.

The Decor

We have said it so many times before, and we will say it again: no party is complete without decor. So, just like you would decorate the space for any other party, you should do it for your Thanksgiving eve as well.

Your options depend on your taste.

You can either choose a simpler and more toned down decor like some canvases that will fit right in with your other wall decorations, or get a personalized banner and photo backdrop that screams “we’re having a party” loud and clear.

Also, do not forget the table decorations, beautiful napkins, and shiny silverware.














Send the Invitations

Finally, after planning everything that depends on you, it is time you create the guest list and send the invitations. When it comes to invitations the most important thing is timing. You don’t want to send them too late, so the invitees get them when they have already made other plans, but you also do not want to send them too early, so your dinner slips their mind.

We propose that you send your invitations a week and a half to two in advance, so everyone has the time to prepare, and at the same time, remember the date.

And you’re all set!

It wasn’t that bad, was it? The list is pretty simple and easy to follow.

The only thing you really need is two weeks of preparation time and a little organization.