The Time Has Come to Paperblast Your Office!

When it comes to decorations, people usually think about their living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways. The last things we think about decorating are bathrooms (we covered this topic already) and offices.

An average person spends eight hours a day at work, which translates to almost a third of a lifetime spent at an office. However, instead of making the working environment as pleasant as it can be, many people treat their offices as a place where they have to stay – until the “it’s time to go home” hour of the day.

This is a deeply wrong way of thinking, as life is short, and it is vital that we learn to enjoy every moment of it. Yes, we are even including those “boring” office hours in this statement as well.

Okay, now try to imagine how you usually feel on a sunny, bright day, as opposed to a gloomy, dark, cloudy day. What you imagined is a completely different experience isn’t it?

Well, that’s because of the fact that your environment can heavily influence your mood.

So, knowing this, why not try to make your office a place where you will not only enjoy spending the time at, but also transforming it into your “zone”, where you are the most productive and inspired?

Although achieving such a change might seem hard, it actually is not. All you need are a couple of plants, some nice looking desk decorations and a piece of inspiring wall art.

               Office Wall Art

First, let’s start with the obvious way you can make your office a pleasant place to be in: with office focused art.

In other words, instead of to your home, it is about time you started saying the three well known magical words to your office: “office, sweet office”.

Changing your attitude can immensely change your experience, and soon the results will follow as well. If you start enjoying being in your office you will notice that along with your mood, your productivity and efficiency will get better.

Hanging a wall piece like this will be your reminder about what the right mindset is, not only when it comes to your job, but also when it comes to various instances when you have to do something you’d rather not be doing.

Abstract Art

Another great way to decorate your office is to add a splash of color with no particular form or meaning.

Abstract art can be a spark to your creativity as it will make you fill in the empty spaces (of the meaning) using your own imagination.

You will be amazed to see how this translates into making you more excited about the creative challenges you encounter during your work hours.


Patent Prints

Patent prints are not for everyone. But those that find them interesting can add a cool piece to their working environment which will surely attract the looks of everyone that spots it.

Patent prints are great because they show the origins of things we can see and use today.

As we are living in a world which allows us to get a hold of almost anything, we tend to forget that all the things that surround us were once fresh, life-changing ideas.

When we are thinking about creative inventions, we always think too far and forget to wonder about simple things that could solve widely spread everyday issues.

Adding a patent print in your office will remind you that sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones.


Now that you have an idea about what you could do to add some “color” to your office, we urge to not just to think about it but do it as well.

Remember: many times, only a couple of small and simple changes can entirely transform your experience.