The Five Whs of Wedding Thank You Notes

The wedding bells have rung, the vows have been taken, the dance has been danced, and the cake’s been cut, and you can finally feel that the fuss is over, and your new life can finally begin.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but that’s not quite the way the day after the wedding looks like.

Instead, what you should expect is for real life to knock on your door. And you know what that means?


We’re not talking about work-related obligations here – we’re talking about those “gotta dos” after the magical night, that everyone frets.

Yup, you got it right: thank you cards.

Usually, people postpone sending the thank you cards for as long as they can, especially if they had a huge wedding, but is waiting until the very last moment the best idea?

Here are the five wh questions related to thank you cards, that’ll hopefully make the whole affair a bit easier for you.

The When

Most probably, after your wedding day’s over, the last thing you’ll want to do is writing thank you notes. And that’s completely normal.

However, although you might think that waiting until some time passes will make the task easier, that’s far from the truth. In fact, if you want to struggle as little as possible, writing the thank you notes while your wedding day memories are still fresh is your best bet.

Besides, according to traditional protocol, you need to send the thank you notes during the first three months after your wedding.

So, instead of rushing to get it all done the last few days of the three-month window, it will be much less daunting if you split the task over a few weeks.














Note that the only thing you should be splitting and stretching out is the writing. When it comes to sending the cards, it’s better if you do it at once.

People talk, you know, and if you send the cards in smaller batches, chances are, you’ll have a couple of upset family members that heard that others got their thank you notes, while they still didn’t.

The Who

The list of people to thank is long.

You should not only thank those that you have already received gifts from but all the people that came to your wedding, as well as all of those that helped with the preparations.

And, of course, do not forget your parents. Although you might feel the urge to simply call them, sending them a thank you card will feel much more special.

The What and the How

Here comes the hardest part of it all: the actual writing.

What should you write and how should you thank everyone?

Although it might seem impossible, you should personalize your thank you cards for each recipient.













To those that have already gifted you, mention how much you liked the gift and the way you’ll be using it. If you received money, think of something that you can invest them in. Do not mention the amount, just say that you’ll find a good use for the gift.

Finally, when writing to those that didn’t give you a gift yet, talk about the way they made your wedding day special with their presence.

As we said, avoid sending generic thank yous and add as many details as you can.

The Where

Finally, where you should write it all down?

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