The Best Way to Set-Up a Preschool Classroom

There’s no doubt about it, the set-up of your preschool classroom spells all the difference between a safe, educational, and engaging environment and a disaster waiting to happen. When you’re dealing with kids aged 3 to 4, the classroom must be a stimulating environment that encourages growth in their developmental years. Creating learning centers for science, reading, art, and math is a great way to ensure holistic learning. Here’s how to do just that.

Math Center

For the math and science center, add pattern toys, blocks, and tools that can help students distinguish color, shape, number, and pattern recognition. Also include toys that make use of geometric shapes, puzzles, connectors, dominoes, or tangrams. Tools that encourage counting and sorting are best for the math center.

This cutesy nursery poster can also help kids visually distinguish numbers while adding a splash of color to a bare wall.

Science Center

For the science center, have a variety of tools that encourage examination and exploration. Some awesome materials to have are rocks, shells, microscopes, magnifying glasses, sticks, magnets, toy animals, and magnetic boards. It’s always best to situate your science center by a window so students can use natural light in their experiments!









This colorful hand-stretched animal canvas school poster and this wooden animals wall art are great illustrations to include by your science center.

Reading Center

Make sure to keep the reading center as far away as you can from the other centers to prevent young readers from being disturbed. Keep the number of people in this area from 2 to 3 to encourage peaceful reading. Stock shelves with a wide variety of age-appropriate picture books and make sure to provide a desk light just in case your corner gets dark.

Introduce the alphabet with this beautiful hand-stretched alphabet canvas preschool art. It comes ready to hang with a sawtooth hanger!

Art Center

The tiny tots would most probably crowd around the art center. Art is just irresistible! Have a spacious desk ready and include a variety of tools: markers, watercolor, crayons, and oil pastels for those who want to paint and draw; play dough or kinetic sand for those who want to sculpt; glitter, glue, letter cutouts, beads, string, scrap papers, and tape for those who are into making crafts.


Don’t forget to add this canvas wall art where everyone can see them. Teachers need love too!