Taste the Adventure: Stepping Up Your Birthday Game

Another year, another birthday.

Birthday celebrations are an unavoidable affair. And, as much as you love seeing your kid surrounded by his or her friends, sipping juices and eating cake and playing games and bursting in loud laughs and creating all those wonderful memories that’ll fill up the family albums, the truth is, birthdays are stressful.

Especially when it’s a kid’s birthday that you have to organize.

Kids’ words are always close to the bone, so if you don’t choose a fun birthday theme, they won’t keep the truth to themselves.

The good news is, there are many things that kids find interesting. So it’s not like you’re out of options.

For today’s post we chose three birthday themes that will take your kid on an adventure for his or her next birthday.

Take a Walk On the Clouds


How about you take the guests on a walk on the clouds? An airplane theme has always been popular with kids.

Make the table your airport, and decorate it with small plastic airplane toys. Make some DIY stickers that you will place on the plastic cups.

Add a “check-in” sign at the entrance, a “baggage claim” sign where the guests can leave their presence, and a “now boarding” sign on the table, where the guests can start indulging the sweet pleasures you prepared.

Also, do not forget to organize a paper plane toss game: set up a DIY corner where everyone can make and decorate their paper planes, and then prepare some symbolic presents for the best three players whose airplanes will fly the longest.

Dive Into the Ocean

Ahoy, ahoy! Is your kid a girl, or is it a boy?

Regardless of the gender, we ensure you that they will love the nautical theme! And so will all of their guests.

Get some striped (blue and white) table cloth, order a nautical cake at your chosen cake shop, decorate the place with blue, white and red balloons, hang a birthday banner, and cover one of the walls with nautical wall art.



DIY stickers for the cups and bottles, serving juice in cups that say “rum”, get cupcakes decorated with sugar seashells and starfish, play some drunken sailor music, and get ready to sail away!

Fly to the Moon

All people love mystery, and all kids love unexplained things. And there is nothing as mysterious as space.

So, for your kid’s next birthday, make your home a rocket and take the guests to the moon!

Hang a banner on the door, so everyone knows that once they enter your home, they’ll enter a whole new universe.

Cover one of the walls with black cloth, and stick star and planet stickers on it. Then place the table in front of them, and set it up with different space-shaped foods, a rocket cake, and colorful juices. Do not forget to get photo frames so you can frame all the fun photos you take during the birthday.

Another good idea is to gift a framed photo to every one of the guests, so they can add it in their box of memories.

If you need other ideas for an outer space birthday party, check out “How to Organize An Out-of-This-World Birthday Party” where we cover this theme in detail.


Happy celebrating!