Oktoberfest Inspired Birthday Invitations

With Octoberfest just around the corner, it is time we celebrate your birthday with Octoberfest inspired invitations.

Actually, October fast is far from “around the corner”. But, since when do beer lovers need a “right moment” to celebrate with a couple (or more than a couple) of beers?

That is right, there is no need for you to wait until the world known beer festival in order to have an October fest themed party! You can do it everywhere and every time, and be sure that all the people will invite will enjoy it.

If it is your birthday, all the more reason for you to raise the glasses.

So take a look at the invitations we can offer you so you can make your birthday party a real beer heaven.












Birth Days are special. And, most importantly, the time to celebrate them comes around every year. Even if you are a person who is not that huge of a birthday lover, you surely celebrate with a couple of drinks with your friends.

After so many years of having casual birthday parties, or celebrating in a way as it was always celebrated, it is time that you take this day to a new level by adding a theme to it.

Of course, you could choose many other themes for your birthday, but since you are here reading this, we are guessing that you are a beer lover and that an Octoberfest theme will fit you just right.













We are sure that you are already acquainted with our products, but just in case let us repeat just one more time that every product you see on this page is personalizable. One set of invitations is made of 20 customized pieces printed on high-quality photo gloss paper – like all of our other products.

The invitations are also accompanied by white envelopes, so you can directly send them to the receivers!

In order to get the perfect invitation for your birthday party, you need to provide us with your name, the time and date of the party, the location, and of course the RSVP contact so the guests can confirm or decline their presence.

Although, we are sure that no one will decline to join a beer themed party!

Another option you can take advantage of is to ask to receive a proof before the printing begins, so you can be included in each step of the process. If you would like to use this option please send us a note “SEND PROOF” along with your customization details.



In case you did not find something that caught your eye among these invitations, you can check out or other types of invitations for a birthday party. Also, we already covered a few birthday surprise ideas in one of our previous posts, so in case it is not your birthday party that you are looking to get inspired for, then take a look at the surprise ideas we came up with. They are easy to do, and will truly make everyone happy.



So, there you have it – not only ideas for your Octoberfest themed party, but a map to throwing any kind of birthday party you might ever think of.

And, in case we didn’t cover anything that fits your situation in any of our other posts, then do not forget to visit Paperblast.com yourself, and get lost in our party decorations heaven.

Okay, that’s it from us for today. Happy hunting!