Make Your Room Conducive to Studying in 5 Easy Steps

First things first: if your room is a mess, so will your state of mind be.  With school season approaching, your room will once again be your very own sanctuary for studying. Welcome back to the student life! Here are some of the best ways to make sure that your room is conducive to pulling off all those coffee-powered all-nighters.

  1. Declutter

We cannot stress this enough: a clean and organized desk makes all the difference. When your environment is cluttered and soiled with empty beverage cans, misplaced books, used clothes, and writing materials, your brain will lack the capacity to focus. If you want to ace that test, unclutter your mind by uncluttering your environment. Take a couple of hours in your busy week to organize and invest in filing cabinets and/or storage cabins  – you’ll thank yourself for it.

  1. Turn the Music Up

Trust in the power of great beats to give you straight As! For some students, playing music can aid in concentration while studying. Of course, the type of music matters. You’ll obviously want to avoid metal or rage music in favor of classical or ambient sounds.

If you’re a music lover, this minimalist wall décor will integrate quite easily into your interiors.

  1. Utilize Pleasing Visuals

Aesthetics play a huge part in creating a relaxing study environment, so make sure your walls are dressed up with visuals that reflect your lifestyle and interests. TIP: Aim for art that helps you unwind and reminds you of nature and the great outdoors.

This canvas wall art reminds us of the exciting possibilities an open road brings. The positive statement is reassuring as well.

When school gets a little too intense, this beach-inspired canvas wall art reminds us to “Just Breathe”.

Love math (or want to look like an intellectual)? This minimalist pi symbol wall art is all sorts of cool without looking too busy.

  1. Follow the Light

The secret to studying is illumination. Make sure your room gets lots of natural light during the day and is well illuminated at night. Cool fluorescent bulbs can emit harsh lighting that can make you feel tired and strain your eyes. Opt for halogen bulbs that feel like natural daylight without being hard on your eyesight.

  1. Do Not Procrastinate

Got an assignment or a quiz coming up? Never wait until the last minute to do them. Do this by minimizing distractions, having someone check up on you, or promising yourself a reward for tasks done early.

This motivational poster is a great picker-upper for times when you’re just not feeling it!