How to Throw a Successful Fundraiser (and Actually Earn From It)

Fundraisers are often fun shindigs where you get to brush shoulders with like-minded people who share the same advocacies. However, if you’re a part of the planning committee, it’s no longer just a fun affair. Planning the budget, collecting sponsors, choosing a theme, and deliberating activities that would encourage people to show up require an elaborate strategy that should culminate in one end goal: actually earn money. Here’s how to throw a successful fundraiser that will convince your guests to donate to your cause.

  1. Plan Your Budget

You need money to make money. If you’re lucky, essentials like food and event space might be donated to your fundraiser by kind-hearted organizations, but even with those covered, you will most likely need a budget to cover some of your expenses. Before you get down to the dirty details, figure out an initial budget with your fundraising team. Who’s willing to pitch in? How much is your initial budget? What type of event can this budget create?

  1. Delegate Tasks

Discuss responsibilities with your team and make sure everyone is assigned a certain task. Some of your teammates might be more comfortable with giving money and leaving you with the brunt of the work, while others might be short on cash and are more than willing to help you plan the logistics and make calls to sponsors. If you play to everyone’s strengths, you’re more likely to create a successful fundraising event.

  1. Offer Multiple Ways to Give

Everyone’s expected to purchase a ticket to attend your event, but a successful fundraiser offers many ways to give. How about holding a silent auction or a raffle? Partner up with local businesses for prizes, but make sure the rewards are in line with your target audience. If your guests aren’t planning to cough up more money, encourage them to volunteer for initiatives and programs instead.

  1. Make it Fun

In exchange for donating money, your guests will be looking for an experience, so create one they will never forget. You don’t need high-profile celebrities to grace your event for an actual performance. You can create an experience by serving a high-class dinner, an activity, or perhaps a dance number from a local school. Why not consider sprucing up your interiors with these cool customizable posters and photo backdrops from Paper Blast?

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