How to Throw a Legendary Halloween Party

Some may think it is too early, others that it’s already getting late – but we think it is just the right time to start planning this year’s Halloween party!

Halloween’s one of those holidays that’s extremely fun when you’re young, seems uncool when you’re a teenager, and gets back on the “cool” scene when you are an adult.

No matter which group you belong to, we have a way to make this year’s Halloween bash a huge success.

Here’s our list of things to do.

Choose the Kind of Party You’ll Be Throwing


The first step is the same for any event: you have to choose the kind of party you would like to throw.

As a rule of thumb, follow your own wishes. Ask yourself: what kind of party would I like to be a part of?

Answering this question will give you an idea of what you consider fun and cool. Chances are, there are some other people that consider the very same things fun as well.

When you pick the type of party, you basically have two options: a themed party or a non-themed party.

If you decide to throw a themed party, then think about a general costume you’d like your guests to show up in. Do you imagine them as anime characters, or maybe some creatures from Disney’s world, or a

traditional scary theme, or maybe something completely different?







If you opt for a non-themed party on the other hand, then pick a couple of decorations and music to set the tone and mood of the gathering, and wait for the guests to surprise you with their costume choices.

Extra tip: After you make the decision, do not forget to include this information on the invitations as well.




Don’t Let Your Halloween Suck: Pick the Right Decor


The pun on this poster says it all: whatever you do, don’t let your Halloween suck!

How do you make sure it doesn’t?

By picking the right decor, of course!

Everyone knows that decor is the bone, guests are the flesh, and music is the soul of every party.

In times where finding the right costume is the top priority, this statement never rang truer.

When you are throwing a Halloween bash, you have to match the time and effort your guests put into coming up with a fresh and exciting mask.

That is, you need to put the same (if not more) time and effort into finding amazing decor for your party venue.

Thankfully, we have everything you need! From photo backdrops to door banners, when it comes to decor, all roads lead to Paperblast.

Oh, and don’t forget the pumpkins! Halloween’s nothing without them. But, pumpkins…  we don’t have any. You’ll have to go get some at the local market instead.

Send Off The Invitations

After you’ve gone over the basics of the planning, it is time to think about the invitations.

You can pick anything related to your party – including your guests. Probably when you went over the first step and set the theme, you had a specific guest list in mind. Basically, you can have either mixed parties or adult only parties. Picking any one of them will set the ground for making a decision on the music and the food/drinks you’ll be serving.

No matter the kind of party, the most important thing is to send the invitations on time, so everyone can prepare and join the festivities.

Extra tip: There’s nothing shameful about asking for a little help, so if you need something, do not be shy and add a “please bring” message on the invitation as well.



Document The Party With Style







In the era of smartphones and digital photos, having a Halloween themed photo frame where everyone can stack their memories is a breath of fresh air.

And, back in Paperblast, we’re all cheering for originality!

Which is why we have created an extensive list of Halloween themed photo frames to pick from, so dig in!





Finally… Get Creative!

A Halloween bash is just like any other, if you do not engage your creativity, you’ll likely end up with “just another” party.

Following our list will make organizing the party as easy as it gets, but to turn it into something special, do not be afraid to experiment and add a little extra fun: games, gifts, or any other thing that comes to mind will make it more personalized and thus will create more unexpected moments and space for fun!