How to Throw A Dreamlike Bridal Shower

A few days back we talked about throwing a memorable bachelor’s party, and today we continue along the same lines, and we give you a step by step guide to throwing a fairytale-like bridal shower.

First, let’s talk about the origins of the tradition. In the past bridal showers were thrown to celebrate the bride before she enters marriage. It was usually DIY based and centered around giving the bride different gifts.

However, as the modern world overflows with choices, you now have the freedom to decide the kind of party you throw for your loved bride-to-be. No matter the kind of party you choose, remember that it should be centered around her personality and that it should make her feel comfortable.

While we’re at feeling comfortable, be sure that you are doing this because you want to, and not because you are pressured by expectations. Remember that a bridal shower is a party and should make everyone feel happy and joyful, and it should not be a source of stress.

What we want to say is that you have the total freedom of deciding who you will invite and who you will involve in the planning of the shower. Of course, it all depends on your finances. If you are asking someone to overtake some of the duties, you will undoubtedly feel less burdened, but even if you do everything yourself, you do not have to go over the top.

Instead, just focus on the venue where you want the bridal shower to be held, and on the type of party, you want it to be. Also, you should decide if you want the guests to bring gifts and keep the traditional take on the shower – the gift opening, or you want something more casual, like asking the guests to bring a photo or a congratulatory note only.

Whatever you decide, here are a few bridal shower banners that will ensure that the basic needs of every party are satisfied: taking memorable photos.

The Bride and the City Series

Most women love Sex and the City. If the bride to be is a lover of the show as well, you can make her happy with these Sex and the City inspired bridal banner and selfie photo frame.




Getting Hitched Photo Frame

If you want to be more simplistic then go for this #gettinghicthed photo frame that will frame in all your best moments together.

Future Mrs… Series

You can never go wrong with a “Future Mrs…” banner and selfie frame! That is why we are suggesting these simple, gently colored photo backdrop and photo frame.













She Said Yes Series

This feminine vintage “She Said Yes” series will make your table the center of the attention. Flowers are a woman’s best friend, so framing your moments in these pastel lilac flowers will be a beautiful detail to your photos.











Retro Flipper Photo Backdrop

This retro bridal shower photo backdrop is a real blast from the past. Go back to the jazz era with this eye-catching flipper inspired poster, and have a party Gatsby would be jealous of!

Phew! That was really hard!

Choosing just a few bridal shower photo backdrop designs took us so much time, since all of them are beautiful and we wanted to include every single one of them.

But, we decided to let you do part of the job.

Think of this as a “demo” to the wedding of your dreams. For the full choice, check out our page