How to Host the Best Back to School Bash

We throw the biggest bashes when school ends, so why don’t we hold the start of the school year in equally high regard? The beginning of the school season is definitely a cause for celebration – new friends, educational endeavors, and sweet time away from Netflix and gaming consoles! Before school officially starts, you can host an unforgettable back to school bash with a little DIY and stunning décor from!


When planning your décor, think ‘school-chic’. What elements can you incorporate in your interiors to create a school-themed atmosphere? Decorate with apples, rulers, textbooks, globes, and even flashcards. Hang this door banner on your front door for a remarkable first impression.

It’s a good idea to include chalkboard elements into your interiors as well. This back to school chalkboard sign is professionally printed on rich glossy paper and ready to hang anywhere a touch of visual interest is needed.

This eye-catching chalkboard sign is best propped on an easel and displayed on your entryway for everyone entering to see. The “First Day, Off to School” message puts everyone in a back to school mood and sets the tone for the party!

Scatter motivational statements and affirmations to create an atmosphere that hints of passion for learning. This motivational poster tells us that learning can be messy and it’s a-ok!

Play school-themed music such as nursery rhymes or other educational, kid-friendly songs to get the tiny tots dancing!


A party is never complete without a couple of fun activities! Prop this cool selfie frame in a spacious corner so kids and their parents can snap photos for their socials. This is a great way to create lasting memories!

Depending on the participants’ age, you can play a round of trivia questions covering a wide variety of subjects such as Math, Science, or Reading.  Amp up the activity level and host schoolyard games like dodgeball, foursquare, kickball, or tetherball. You can even give out school supplies as prizes to the winners!


All the fun will tire a kid out, so make sure to serve snacks and refreshments. In true back to school fashion, serve food in brown paper bags with menu items that include sandwiches, crackers, red apples, and milk. End on a sweet note with caramel apples and customized cakes shaped like apples, pencils, and other school-themed items.