First Day in the First Grade

Wow! Time flies by so quickly, doesn’t it?

It seems like it was just yesterday: you, bent over your little one, following it around while it is struggling to make its first steps, and look at you now – you are preparing to send it to school.

Last time we talked about first school days as well (make sure to check out that post as well, especially if your kid is not a first-grader), but while we were still on the subject, we decided to create another post focused on the very first school day since it is one of the most memorable milestones of yours and your kid’s life.

We bet you are feeling happy, and excited, and anxious and even a little sad (they grow up so fast!) all at once, so we decided to run over to help!

Yup, you guessed it right, just like in every other significant moment in your life, Paperblast is lending you a hand in crafting the perfect first day in the first-grade celebration.

Okay, we know that just talking about your mixed feelings will not make things better, so let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the details.

Announce It!

The first day of school asks for a celebration!

Our “first day of school” posters depict the joy of the day perfectly, using vibrant colors and playful design. Just pick any one of them, hang it on the door to announce that something special is underway, and let your kid’s adventures begin!









Plan the Future

Can you remember what you wanted to become when you were six years old? When you were ten? Twelve?

Imagine how great it would be if you could look back the road of dreams you walked until you became what you are today.

Well, your kid can!

Make the first day of school fun by creating a “plan the future” game.  Set a time to sit down and note all your kid’s favorites. You surely know them already, but involving your son or daughter in the process will be much more fun. Once you have all the answers written down – it is time you send them to us.

We will do the rest by printing the answers on a colorful glossy paper.

This is not just a fun way to bond and get your child excited about the future, but it will also help him or her to think about their preferences, and thus strengthen their sense of self.


Create a Memory Book

Life is a string of memories.

When we are adults, we tend to take photos of all the important and exciting moments of our lives. When we are kids, on the other hand, we get so immersed in the games we play and the carefree life we live that we do not even think about capturing the moments that pass us by

And, although being a kid is really nice and every adult should try to live in the present just like kids do, memories are just as nice as well.

So make sure you capture them all and store them safely in your kid’s own memory box.

But, we are not talking about old-fashioned, plain photos. Instead, we are proposing getting photo frames for each special moment of your kid’s life. There are hundreds to choose from, and the “First Day in the First Grade” frame is one of them as well!


Are you feeling better? Do you feel more prepared?

Then go on and create a memorable first day at the first grade!

Final tip: We suggest you create a tradition around the first school day since the very beginning. Preparing a special breakfast or organizing a family movie-night is something you can never go wrong with.