Ending it in Style: How to Organize a Memorable Retirement Party

Our lives go through 4 stages:

Play, school, work, and the after-all-of-it, otherwise known as retirement.

Many people fear retirement because they believe that it is the most aimless part of one’s life, and, of course, they connect it to getting old.

However, we, at Paperblast, prefer the opposite stance: retirement is a call for adventure.

After you retire, you have the time you never had, to do the things you always wanted to do. It should be a reason to celebrate, so it’s time to stop the sulking and start the toasting.

When you have a retiree in your circles, it is up to you to make them see the beauty in the future that awaits them, since they might not be able to do it all by themselves.

And, knowing the importance of the moment, we’re here to help, by sharing some suggestions that’ll ensure that the upcoming retirement is one of the happiest moments in the retiree’s life.

The Guestlist

A retirement party is a little different than other occasions since you have to make sure you create a balanced guest list consisting of different groups that play various roles in the retiree’s life. So what you need to do is send out invites not only to the friends and family but to the retiree’s past colleagues from all their different work positions, as well as the people they will see in the future.

After you create the guest list, it’s time to send the invitations, and for this, you can choose to create a digital invitation that you will send via email, or choose a paper alternative, and send it via the post.

The Location

There’s really no particular etiquette you should follow when it comes to retirement parties. You can choose whatever kind of party be it an after-work hangout, a bbq party or a dancing day, as long as the retiree enjoys it (it’s their party after all).

So, when it comes to the location, themes, and the menu of the retirement party – you’re hands are untied. Just make sure that whatever you do, you crown the whole with a carefully picked decor.

Since decor is our thing, although you can pick pretty much anything, we have a general rule for you: keep the colors bright and playful, just like the retiree’s future you want to associate the party with.

The Details

The details make the party. You are the one that’s organizing it, and that’s your greatest gift, but adding a little extra can’t hurt.

As the reason for throwing this party is showing the retiree that the next destination after retirement is wherever they want it to be, it might be a good idea to verbalize it another way too, like for example with this canvas that sums up the essential retirement rules that’ll make sure the retiree always remembers to keep having fun.


Oh, and don’t forget to top it off with a nice, colorful greeting card, where apart from our printed message, you can add your own personalized note that’ll warm the retiree’s heart.

Next, don’t forget the playlist. Since you put in the time to organize this gathering, you surely know the retiree, so you can pick a couple of his or her favorite songs and add them to the playlist, or even better use them to kick off some karaoke. But let’s not stop at the favorites: we have so many retirement-themed songs in our back pocket, that we decided to share a couple of suggestions:

  • “Hit the Road Jack,”  Ray Charles
  • “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen
  • “Take This Job and Shove It,” Johnny Paycheck
  • “Vacation” by the GoGos
  • “The September of my Years” by Frank Sinatra
    … you get the idea.

Finally, keep all the memories well stored framing them in a personalized retirement selfie frame, that’ll either go straight to the retiree’s album, or to the guests’ timeline. Wherever they end up, it’s all good as long as they’re there.