5 Kid’s Sleepover Birthday Ideas

5 Kid’s Sleepover Birthday Ideas

A favorite part of birthday parties, no matter the age, has always been the sleepover. Whether or not you were all going to the pool or to see a movie, the sleepover half of the festivities was where the real fun took place.

Sleepovers give kids the chance to bond and really play amongst themselves–of course with parent supervision!

You could stick to a more traditional sleepover party or you could take that extra step and incorporate a theme into the sleepover. Make the slumber party the main part of the actual party!

Paper Blast’s hundreds of kids birthday party themes can easily make the switch to overnight.

No Theme Sleepover

If your kid is a pretty basic kind of kid then a no theme or a sleepover themed sleepover could be the best route.

Stick to what you know and what your kid knows. Pillows, sleeping bags and good company are the main parts of the party anyway.

Encourage the attendees to do what they do best at sleepovers–play, talk and sleep.

If you want to add to the fun atmosphere throw on a movie for them to watch throughout the night!


cupcake slumber party is perfect for any age!

Create a cupcake decorating station for the kids to come up with delicious masterpieces. Once the plentiful amount of cupcakes are made make sure to take a picture with the kids and their works of art.

Incorporate a Paper Blast cupcake selfie frame into the mix!

Once the kids start chowing down on the favorite treat then throw on a movie or play a game.


What better theme for the little night owls than owls themselves!

Whether you want to decorate your home with a Paper Blast owl banner or take it a step further and invite an owl naturalist to talk about the animal, the sleepover will be a blast.

There are so many owl themed toys and clothing, expect to see owl themed gifts coming into your home.

You can end the night with an owl friendly movie for the group as they start to wind down.


Just like a trip to the great outdoors, a camping sleepover is a fun night.

It is perfect for summer birthdays, where you can make use of your backyard to create a mock camping site. But this theme can also work for winter birthdays as well. If you have the space you can open a tent in the home or maybe a kid sized tent instead.

Roasting marshmallows can take place either at a campfire or your stove top. And, ghost stories don’t have to be outside.

You could even play a pretend fishing game with the guests.


With all of the superhero films out today, kids are more than excited to pretend to be their favorite superhero.

Whether your kid is a wonderwoman fan, a spiderman fan or a superman fan; they will love the themed party.

Have super power strength snacks lying around while you play the birthday boy or girl’s favorite superhero movie.

Play out scenarios with costumes to make sure that everyone is involved with the fun!

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