Kiss Your 40s Goodbye: The Last 50th Birthday Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Congrats! You made it!

You lived for half a century. That’s around 18250 days spent on this planet. And no matter how many challenges you’ve faced throughout the years, it has been a pleasant existence overall, hasn’t it?

Of course it has!

But, you didn’t even feel when 50 years have gone by!

Well, they don’t say that time flies when you’re having fun for no reason, right?

So, instead of crying over spilled milk and fearing to give your forties your last kiss goodbye, we say: face it. Or better yet – embrace it!

And what better way to do it than by throwing a big, loud party?

How do you do it?

It’s not rocket science. Just follow our brief checklist.

Prepare the Venue



Depending on the WHEN of your birthday, decide your WHERE. If it’s a winter birthday, then probably you’ll want to celebrate it indoors, and if it’s not, you cannot go wrong by choosing an outdoor venue, be it your backyard or a restaurant with a lovely garden.

Wherever you end up celebrating, prepare the place by decorating it with everything 50. Hang a banner, fence the dancefloor with 50 balloons, get confetti for extra fun, and so on. Even if you pick a theme, remember that your primary theme is “50”, so, in every possible way, try to incorporate the number 50 in your party.




Prepare the Guestlist



Okay, it’s time to create your guest list

If you have read a couple of our posts so far, then you know that we’re going to say: invite people by the mail.

I mean, what can we do? We’re suckers for old-fashioned, paper invitations.

What about the number of guests?

Well, since it’s such a significant milestone in life, you might want to go further than just your closest family members. Invite a friend for every year you’ve lived, or, if that seems like it’s too much, invite a guest for every two years of life.



Prepare the Activities

Let’s be honest; outdoor celebrations give you a little more space to be creative regarding the type of party you’re throwing. For example, you can decide to throw a picnic party or a pool party.

However, that does not mean that those that have not been born during the sunny seasons are destined to have dull indoor parties.

Sure, celebrating indoors limits you a little bit, but you can always get creative and spice things up. You can start by picking a theme, and getting a stack of wish cards for your guests to fill up. And then… allow yourself to go a little crazy.

Yes, we know that sometimes, thinking of what to do is the hardest part of planning! But that’s why you have your family.

Call them for help!

Pour some drinks and have a brainstorming session. Surely you’ll think of many ideas that’ll turn your party into one of the best celebrations you’ve ever attended.

Prepare the Gifts



You read that right!

This birthday YOU will be the one that’s gifting.

Start by a cupcake or a small box of chocolates for everyone, and continue with some small, but fun gifts like a $1 lottery tickets,

A cupcake or a box of chocolates for everyone, $1 lottery tickets, or some other things you can find at the dollar store. If you want to add some extra fun, use these gifts to organize a treasure hunt.