Three Ways to Celebrate an October Birthday

As the season of sand, salt and mojitos runs its course, it is time to think about apple pie, and pumpkin spice.

If your birthday falls during the following month, or you have some Libra and Scorpio friends to make a toast to, you’ll be glad to know that today we’ll go over a couple of themes that’ll color your birthday in the golden colors of the fall.

Read on!


October and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So, turning your October birthday party into a spooky venue is more than natural. Although a Halloween bash might seem cliche to some, let’s get something straight: be it little monsters, skeletonsdinosaur/dragons or pirates that are in the center of your decor’s attention, there’s no such thing as an overdone theme if you know how to add a little twist.

And there’s nothing that cannot be done with a little creativity.

Stock up on Halloween decorations, and create a spooky agenda.

What do you think about a horror movie marathon?

Or, creating a DIY murder mystery escape room?

A pumpkin carving contest is also a good idea.

Finally, top it off with themed drinks and foods like a pumpkin shaped cheese ball, spooky cocktails like a blood punch, poisoned apple pie and so on.

So, yeah, October Halloween-themed birthday parties may not be the most original but with a few  Paper Blast banners and the rest of your holiday decorations, the party should be easy prep.



Grab your beer stein and lederhosen to celebrate an Oktoberfest birthday.

Paper Blast’s invitations and banners, created in honor of October’s German National Heritage Month and the German celebration of beer will be the perfect foundation for a fun birthday atmosphere.

If you want your party to be as similar to the original festival in Munich, take the party outside, and enjoy the sweet smell and golden colors of autumn.

Serve some German sausages, play festive German music, and keep a selection of beer at hand for a beer testing game.

Buy some cheaper beer as well, and use it for a beer race (people racing to the finish line carrying filled pints and trying to spill as little beer as possible).

You can also play it all up a notch and ask your guests to show up dressed to match the festival theme.

If you want to get your guests drunk fast (and make them dance the chicken dance), play the games at the beginning of the party, and make the losers of the games chug a bottle as a punishment.


Some call it basic – and we call it classic.

There’s nothing not to love about a cozy, fall themed birthday party. Depending on the weather, consider throwing your party in your backyard. If you have one, that is to say.

Regardless of your party’s venue prepare to enjoy hot tea or mulled wine, cable sweaters, cinnamon sticks, pumpkin carving and pictures with colorful leaves and autumn colors.

Use the food and drinks on the menu to create a couple of socializing zones your guests will naturally gravitate towards. If you want to keep the menu simple, but fit to everyone’s tastes, consider setting a “make your own burger” table. Buy and serve various burger ingredients and let your guests have fun while they are creating their own food.

End it with traditional wish making. But, ditch the cake, and blow the candles on your favorite pie.

There you have it: three ways you can throw a themed October party everyone will enjoy. Don’t forget to immortalize the celebration and frame it in some of the selfie frames available in different colors and designs.