5 New Year’s Eve Baby Shower Themes

Although the holiday season is upon us, for some there may be an extra reason to celebrate!

For those celebrating a new family addition, your special news can sometimes get lost in all the festivities.

Gather friends and families–who are hopefully in town anyway–for a beautiful New Year’s Eve baby shower!

Paper Blast has so many different baby shower themes that can be incorporated into the holiday baby shower!


Night Stars

New Year’s Eve makes you think about the night time and the future of the new year. The night stars–whether or not you actually go out to see them–are a great New Year’s Eve baby shower fusion.

With Paper Blast’s night stars baby shower selfie frame, guests will love to take memorable photos at a memorable event.

The night stars theme works with the night time New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Bring your little one into a world that makes time to look up at the stars. Place some light up stars above his or her crib.



You’ve been pregnant for how many months now? It’s almost time to burst, so treat yourself with some sweet treats.

Have a candy bar filled with lollipops, chocolates and ice cream.

Instead of just playing the usual baby guessing games, use candies to get the point across. Guess the baby’s weight by using candies to measure him or her, or see who can draw the best ice cream sundae.

Prepare to have a candy rush after your New Year’s Eve baby shower.


Lil’ Sunshine

The opposite of a night time New Year’s Eve celebration, is a lil’ sunshine baby shower theme.

Celebrate your happy moment with a bright and sunny party theme.

Place a Paper Blast lil’ sunshine banner along with plenty of suns around the party.

Your guests will be smiling from head to toes with the happy party decor.


Winter Wonderland

The snow has started to fall, the wind has gotten sharper and the nights have gotten longer.

A winter wonderland themed baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate your happy new family addition!

Decorate with snowflake cutouts, blues and whites and snowman cutouts.

Make sure to have plenty of snowflake cookies and winter themed cakes on hand for the excited guests.


Greatest Adventure

As you enter the new year, you are off to a new adventure!

A new baby in a new year filled with lots of new opportunities, is some of the most exciting things that can happen during your life.

Ask your guests to write down their new year resolutions to share at your greatest adventure themed baby shower. Maybe they’ll have some adventures planned as well.

Celebrate life’s adventures with a scavenger hunt to find some hidden baby essentials.


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