5 Fun Wedding Anniversary Themes

Your wedding anniversary is a special occasion no matter what year of marriage you are celebrating!

Whether or not you are a more traditional couple, you can take your wedding anniversary to an unexpected level of fun.

This can mean a more simple black and white theme or something that captures the fun of you relationship.

Be unique! Find something different and make it work for your anniversary.

Paper Blast’s many wedding anniversary banners, invitations and selfie frames allow you to pick and choose what works for the two of you!



Avocados have blown up in the last few years. From a sudden appearance in everyone’s foods to accessories to T.V. commercials, it seems we can’t escape the food.

If you and your partner have hopped onto the avocado wagon then why not incorporate the fun food into your anniversary!

There are plenty of avocado halves decorations to be found, including Paper Blast’s avocado anniversary banner. Make all foods at the party have some avocados in them.

Guests will easily pick out anniversary gifts–any avocado themed product should do the trick!



It’s been a fun and fresh last few years–maybe more than a few–so why not pay homage to the times before you knew each other. Or maybe, the era that the two of you met.

This theme can work for either an older couple or a younger couple that is into retro themes.

If you have been married for a while then look back on the year that you met and decorate your anniversary party with the most accurate era worthy decorations.

Don’t forget to include music and food that was popular back then.


Light Bulbs

Obviously, it was a great idea that the two of you got married so why not take that bright idea and apply it to your anniversary party.

Light bulbs have long represented great ideas. The decorations for this anniversary party will be pretty easy to accomplish!

Place plenty of old fashioned light bulbs and lights around.

You could even go so far as to serve light bulb shaped cookies and other desserts.

Exploit your great ideas for a great party.



There is no place more romantic than Paris.

Whether or not you actually have a connection to the city of lights–which hopefully you were able to visit at least once–a Parisian anniversary party is a fun take on the celebration.

Serve macaroons, play french music and have plenty of rose on hand for a very Parisian feel. Don’t forget to include bread and escargot.

You could even encourage guests to do their best impression of a Paris local and have them dress up for the memorable anniversary party.


Still Rockin’

Has it always been your goal to make it to the rocking chairs phase of your marriage? Well, even if you aren’t close, take advantage of that quintessential marriage landmark and use it for your anniversary party.

Of course there should be a rocking chair or two on hand at the party. You could even encourage guests to take photos while rocking back and forth.

Romanticize old age with other aspects of that phase. If you are old at heart then give out knitted table numbers as party favors.

Or take a whole different angle and plan a rock theme anniversary. Include rock music, and other cool aspects of your life that you expect to carry into old age as well!


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