5 Effective Ways to Get Kids Excited for School

School season has begun, and although some tots are just bursting at the seams with a passion for learning, some kids are just not having it. Getting kids ready for school requires more than just checking your list of school supplies and packing lunches. When psychological motivation is crucial, it’s time to bring out the big guns! Here are 5 of the best ways to get your kids excited for the incoming school year.

  1. Immortalize Their First Day

What better way to get a kid ready for school than by expressing value for his or her very first day? Immortalize your kid’s first day of school with this personalized photo booth school poster. Snap a photo of your child in his or her uniform for a priceless souvenir you can always reflect back on, then post it on your socials (or have your children post it on theirs) to make everyone see how proud you are!

  1. Give Them Purpose

Learning is fun and exciting, but it can also be tedious and boring. Children with their heads buried in a textbook ask one recurring question when they are at their wits’ end: “Why do I need to learn this?” Reawaken your child’s purpose in learning by:

  • Making them realize the value of math by having them figure out the change when shopping
  • Tell them to apply fractions when baking
  • Discuss which knowledge you use to get a particular work done

Make math a friend with this fun multiplication table you can hang in your child’s bedroom. Encourage your kids to memorize it before school even starts.

  1. Pepper Them With Motivational Words








One of the best ways to get your child excited to study is by surrounding him or her with positive affirmations and statements that incite curiosity. This science themed-school poster and this motivational wall art can help you do just that.

  1. Stretch Their Reading

When school season approaches, it’s time for a digital detox. Give your kids a head start and stow away mobile phones and computers in favor of books that relate to their interests. TIP: Make sure to ask your kids what genre they enjoy the most or what topics pique their curiosity. Reading is an adventure and this reading-themed school poster proves just that!

  1. Encourage Relationship-Building with Mentors

When teachers are your friend, learning becomes a lot more fun. Get off on the right foot on the very first day of the school year by having your kids offer this beautiful wall art canvas to their would-be mentors. It’s a sweet gift their teachers are surely going to appreciate!