5 Different Reunion Party Banner Ideas

As 2017 comes to an end and the hopes for the new year begin to take shape, it may be the time to start planning a reunion party.

Whether it’s a high school reunion party, a family reunion gathering or a small party for formerly tight knit friends, it will be awesome!

Welcome your friends and family with a reunion banner.

Just because you may be planning the reunion for the next summer that doesn’t mean that you have to wait to get the decorations together now.

Paper Blast’s many reunion banners will help you create the perfect atmosphere.



Long recognized as a popular social gathering is a barbecue.

Get friends and family together for a classic, yet understated barbecue party.

Perfect for the summertime, or spring, this party will encourage guests to bring their own dishes and will help create a welcoming atmosphere.

Make sure to cook enough food for everyone! Don’t forget to have options too!

Excluding the Paper Blast BBQ banner, there really isn’t much else that has to get done for this party idea.



Parks are a great neutral meet up spot for family or friends reunions. Trees should be abundant!

They offer shade, space and hopefully a pretty backdrop.

Hang a Paper Blast reunion banner off a tree or a gazebo to let guests know where the party will be at.

Have fun with the day and make sure to bring plenty of supplies to playfun games like a water balloon fight.



If your reunion is a more informal high school or college reunion party, then a chalkboard theme can remind guests where you all met in the first place.

Take everyone back to the days when you had a little to worry about and not a lot to do.

Play up the theme with actual chalkboards that can list the food provided or the official reunion hashtag.

If your high school reunion is happening during the day and you want to continue the fun then plan on using this theme.


Party Like It’s…

If chalkboards, or rather school, wasn’t really your thing while you were in school then check out the Party Like It’s “insert class year” theme.

Decorate the space to look like it would have in whatever year that you all graduated in.

Play the most popular music, wear the most popular clothes and make sure that whatever was cool back then makes an appearance.

This theme could still work for a family reunion. If your family had a great year then maybe throw it back to when you all saw each other more.

Expect plenty of laughs and fun at this reunion party!



Make your reunion party photo-centric with a photo themed banner.

That doesn’t have to be their only appearance either. Place photos around the party, or have a photo section for people to look back on the good old days. You could even make a slideshow.

Get a Paper Blast selfie frame to take more photos for the next family or friends reunion party!


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