5 Classic Anniversary Party Themes

Congratulations on making it through another year of marriage! Whether or not this year’s anniversary is the big 50 or you are only celebrating three years, you have plenty cause to celebrate!

Anniversaries deserve more press. Yes, you and your partner should spend time together but why not throw a party to remember another great year?

Have a party, a nice dinner or even just a round of drinks to have the best celebration ever.

Paper Blast’s plentiful anniversary decorations will let family and friends know that they will be attending a special day. If the two of you are more of a classic couple, stick to a classic themed anniversary party.


Black and Gold

Black and gold decorations signify a classic celebration.

If you are throwing a more dressed up affair, then this theme can take it to another classy level.

The theme can go well with art deco decorations or a black and white dress-code.

Spend some money on gold and black balloons to add an extra element to the night.


Blue Lace

Blue is a color that works for both partners! Many people’s favorite color, a blue anniversary is a fun yet simple theme.

Add in some lace, the material that reminds people of weddings and special events and you can’t go wrong.

Place blue lace on tables, or in other decorative areas. Blue lace on your Paper Blast invitations will let guests know what kind of space they will be walking into.

Blue can definitely be your color of love.



How else will you celebrate your love other than with the help of hearts?

Whether or not it’s heart shaped cutouts, heart shaped candies and pink, purple and red colored drinks and desserts.

If your anniversary is around Valentine’s Day, there is even more reason to incorporate pretty hearts.

A simple metaphor for love, hearts are a classic and delicate way to celebrate the special occasion.



Tie together your anniversary with a ribbon themed celebration.

This anniversary theme is easy to create because of the many ribbons available. Pick your favorite color and take your partner’s favorite color and tie the two-colored ribbons together around the party.

Give guests a little ribbon to take home so they remember your beautiful anniversary.

Paper Blast’s ribbon anniversary banner will help you accomplish your party’s theme.



Your love is written in the stars. So why not bring some stars to earth and incorporate them into your anniversary.

Paper Blast’s stars anniversary banner, star shaped cookies and star shaped fairy lights will help create the perfect starry night.

Play up related decor. Maybe incorporate the star-crossed lover angle of “Romeo and Juliet” or an astrology theme.

Enjoy your night under the stars!


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