5 Christmas Party Invitation Themes

The December countdown to Christmas has begun! With all of the last minute details that have to be settled before your Christmas party, don’t forget your invitations!

The invite to your holiday party is one of the most important steps. With all the digital invites and Facebook groups that people use nowadays, a good ole fashioned invitation doesn’t always make the cut.

Throw it back real far and actually send a thoughtful card to your family and friends.

Paper Blast’s many Christmas invitations come in a plethora of styles.



The snow is about to start falling! So why not prepare with a snowman or snowflake themed invitation.

Whether or not you live in a cold climate, a snow themed Christmas party is a cute way to celebrate the giving season.

Perfectly child-friendly, you could even have a snowman decorating station filled with snowman paper cutouts and tons of glitter.

Throw around some fake snow at the party for an added effect.


Cookie Exchange

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is the baking. All of a sudden everyone becomes a baker–even if the last time they baked was last Christmas.

The cookies, cakes and festive breads of it all are meant to be shared amongst friends and family.

Instead of just bringing specific dishes, why not invite guests to make their most creative cookies to share with the rest of the party.

If you’re friends are more of cookie-eaters rather than bakers, invite them over to help you bake cookies. That way there is no pre-requisite for the party.


Ugly Sweater

The ugly sweater Christmas party has become not only a part of pop culture, but an expected part of the holiday season.

Wear the ugliest Christmas themed outfit that you can find and get ready to make use of it!

You can hold a contest of the ugliest outfits between party attendees. If kids are involved see which kid can come up with the gaudiest Christmas outfit imaginable.

Rely on the ugly sweaters and outfits to get you through the fun Christmas party.


Black and Gold

A black and gold Christmas is a classic way to go.

You can’t go wrong with the sparkly and festive colors.

With the Christmas lights, gold accessories and black tablecloths, your holiday party will be perfect!

You could even encourage guests to wear gold and black so that even the outfits are on point. Prepare to see plenty of sparkles.


Classic Xmas

A classic Christmas party means the big tree, plenty of red and green and a Christmas ham.

Encourage guests to dress in their best reds and greens. Have plenty of eggnog on hand and expect guests to want to open at least one present. Secret Santa definitely might have been used in the party planning process.

Even though it’s been done year after year, a classic Christmas party will never be overdone. New flavors and colorful themes can be used, but going back to what you know will never be hated on.

Enjoy your holiday with all of the simple Christmas perks!


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