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4 Ways to Decorate Your Classroom & Enhance Learning

School is just around the corner and everyone’s preparing for another year of learning. Before students come bursting through the hallways, have you mulled over how to best decorate your classroom yet? The way you decorate your classroom’s four walls can make or break your students’ learning experience. Create an inspiring classroom set-up that supplements daily learning and leaves your pupils hankering for more knowledge with these four tips below.

Harness the Power of Motivational Words

When your students look around the room, are they inspired to learn or are the drab and lifeless walls sucking the life out of them? Motivational posters are one of the best ways to ingrain positive and reaffirming messages to your students. Here are some great ones we have here at PaperBlast:


Encourage kids to think positive with this witty science-themed poster that does a bit of wordplay for humor.









This classroom wall poster décor expresses the value of real hard work when it comes to learning. Nothing worth having comes easy.








You are a collection of everything you’ve learned and read, and this canvas wall art says just that.  This is why teachers are so instrumental in students’ lives!






This door banner says that mistakes are a part of learning, so don’t be afraid to make them!







Utilize Tables and Graphs

Table and graph posters are a great way to get kids to put information to heart. Make sure your selections are relevant to the grade level and don’t forget to cover them or take them down when giving out quizzes!









These colorful multiplication and division tables are a great way to add a splash of color to your classroom.

This vibrant animal alphabet poster will liven up your walls and is great for kindergarten classrooms!

Show Off Your Students

It’s always a good idea to reserve a section of your walls for displaying the works of your students. When children see that their work is publically displayed, they develop a sense of ownership and pride. Remember how proud you felt when your parents hung your drawing on the refrigerator?

Have a Community Wall

To build a sense of community within your classroom, reserve a section of the wall where students can contribute. Why not have a curiosity board where students can pin science questions they want to be answered? How about a freedom wall where they can say what’s on their mind? Or why not create a reading chart where you and your students can record what they’re currently reading?

Always make sure to consider the impact what on your classroom walls are going to have. Wall décor, when chosen properly, can incite curiosity, build a classroom community, and encourage learning!