4 Steps to a Creative Superhero-Themed Kids’ Birthday Party

There’s no doubt about it, children love superheroes. Their kick-ass abilities and unstoppable drive to save the world leave plenty to be admired, especially for wide-eyed children with active imaginations. A superhero-themed birthday party allows your kids to live out the role of their favorite masked man or woman in colorful props and costumes while leaving room for so much creativity and customization! Here are four easy steps on how to throw a banging superhero-themed birthday party.

1. Send Out The Invitations

A great way to set the mood and get your guests excited for the party is to send out superhero-themed invitations. Go the extra mile and include a cape and a paper mask along with your invitations for that extra-oomph, and don’t forget to make the guests wear them on the day of the party.

This superhero-themed party invitation is perfect for a girl’s birthday party.

This personalized poster is printed on rich glossy coated paper. You can cut out the masks, affix craft sticks to the back of them, and include them in your child’s invitations. They’re also great photo booth props.

2. Power-Up Your Décor

A superhero party will not be complete without the right décor to set the mood. How about these options from Paper Blast?

Make sure your guests know all about the celebrant with this superhero-inspired milestone stats chalkboard poster.

This colorful birthday greeting banner sports a funky comic-style design. You can personalize it with your child’s name!









What are costumes for if you can’t immortalize them with a photo?  These superhero-inspired selfie frames for girls and boys are a great addition to your kid’s birthday party!

3. Plan the Party Games

Superheroes need to stay active, so make sure your party is peppered with games and activities from start to end. Play “X-Ray Vision” and have your kids guess an item inside a carton using only their sense of touch. Create a villain-shaped piñata and have your kids smash the piñata as The Hulk or Thor. Instead of playing hot potato, play “Pass the Kryptonite” and have your kids pass around a green-colored rock. The possibilities are endless

4. Fuel Up with Snacks

Saving the world can make superheroes very hungry! Serve superhero-inspired food and snacks and let your imagination run wild. How about a fruit platter of blueberries, strawberries, and marshmallows arranged to look like Captain America’s shield? Use colored whipped-cream to paint on strawberries and make them look like Spiderman’s mask. Serve sandwiches and call it a super “hero” sub. You’ll find lots of suggestions on Pinterest to kickstart your creativity!